What is Gender & Sexuality?

Simply put, Gender is who they are and sexuality is who they like/love. Gender identity is personal and an inherent part of an individual's sense of self. While gender is often presented as a binary that only includes men and women, in reality, gender is a spectrum and people can define their gender in a variety of ways, including as a combination of woman and man, a completely separate gender, or as no gender at all. Glii acknowledges all genders and their individual sexualities, if you identify with none; that is okay too!


Abhaas & Rishi

Name all the dating apps, and we both had it on our devices. Glii was my last attempt at dating through an app. And voila! We ended up chatting for hours together, met a few times.. enjoyed the restaurants they have listed. We recently celebrated 1 year of togetherness and owe it to Glii!

Roshni & Sehmat

Beyond religion, gender, sexuality and all other aspects lies, love. We were in the right place at the right time. It was the first time both of us tried a 'pride' version to dating and we couldn't be happier. We went on a date through the app too, "Could it be anymore amazing" (Quote Chandler)


Shehzaad & Siddharth

Shehzaad: I explored the app for a friend who was looking for a queer date. As a prank, they made a profile for me too! Who knew Siddharth would swoop in!

Siddharth: In all honesty, I didn't know there was a mode for heterosexuals too. I am glad I was browsing and met Shehzaad! We have been having such a great time. I couldn't have asked for a better partner.