About Us

Glii was designed and developed to fill in the gap of safe queer dating spaces and applications. Launched in 2020, it has managed to achieve a queer fandom. The application also has unique features that makes your dating experience memorable.

The application has three modes

All three modes are each unique in itself. gPride allows you to meet queer folks from all walks of life. gSwipe allows you to find cisgender hetero partners. gBlind is a blind date feature, allowing you to meet folks outside of your own stereotypes.

Safe Queer Dating App
In addition to safe and secure dating, the app includes: engaging and quirky questionnaires. Updating your application profile will provide you with valuable information about yourself and the companion you seek.
It's also the first time that a dating app includes all of your favourite restaurants. If you've matched with someone, look into dining options right away and impress them with a single tap.
Dating App With LGBTQ-Friendly Dating Spots
Glii is a holistic dating application, here to stay and slay!